Prof. Loes Lennarts: Dutch Corporate Insolvency Law——Recent Developments学术报告

主 题: Dutch Corporate Insolvency Law——Recent Developments

     Prof. Loes Lennarts 格罗宁根大学( University of Groningen)法学院比较公司法教授

     韩长印 上海交大法学院凯原特聘教授 上海市法学会破产法研究会会长
     李小宁 复旦大学法学院副教授 上海市法学会破产法研究会常务理事
时 间: 2016 4 28 日(周四)上午 8:00-9:40
地 点: 上海交通大学闵行校区东上院 204 教室
主 办: 上海市法学会破产法研究会



Loes Lennarts currently holds a chair comparative company law at the University of Groningen(Institute of Company Law) and a chair in company law at the University of Utrecht (Molengraaff Institute of Private law). She specializes in (comparative and international) company law and insolvency law. She holds a doctorate in law from the University of Groningen, where she defended a thesis on liability of corporate groups. Loes has advised the Dutch government on the reform of the capital maintenance law applicable to private limited companies. In 2006 she joined CMS Derks Star Busmann as an advisor. Loes is fellow of the Dutch Insolvency Practitioners Association (Vereniging Insolventierecht Advocaten (INSOLAD)) and teaches a course on director liability in insolvency at the Grotius Academy. She is a member of the editorial boards of Tijdschrift voor Insolventierecht (TvI, Review of Insolvency Law), Tekst en Commentaar
Ondernemingsrecht (text and Commentary Company Law) and Rechtspraak Ondernemingsrecht(Jurisprudence Company Law). She regularly publishes and lectures on matters of company lawand insolvency law, such as issues of director liability.



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